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Three piddles and a poop

...which has nothing to do with "Four Weddings and A Funeral".
It just exemplified the tone--literally and figuratively--of my life these days.  The life of a puppy Mom, that is.

Even with all the major or mundane things that occupy my time and mind, what prevails is whether or not I can get our puppy, Chai to "do her business" when she is outside.  You see, our dog is rather unique.  She doesn't really like to waste her time and energy on eating or peeing.  Don and I have to get very creative in how we remind and encourage Chai to take care of business---and to do so outside instead of inside the house.

Chai is such an engaged lil' gal and has far more interesting things to do--such as chase the cats--than use her time eating; or peeing outside when we want her to.  I have never known a dog to be so disinterested in food--well, unless the food is canned cat food or as our dog trainer Lindsey calls it, "Kitty Rocca" from the litter box.  We can se…