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Freedom to of and for

Having a holiday weekend is such a treat.  And for me this year, I also had Sunday off from church, so I really had extended time off and made the most of it.  I tried to blend and balance R & R with household projects and tasks.  As much as I appreciate the opportunity of 'free-time' to do procrastinated or prolonged tasks, I also don't like to lose sight of the original intent of the holidays themselves.

Even our puppy, Chai celebrated this year.  We took her to be professionally groomed. I am not used to dogs being groomed.  We've always bathed the dogs at home or the larger dogs, at the U-Wash Doggie establishments.  However, Chai was a canine version of the Swiffer and every time we took her to her obedience class, I would spend 15-20 minutes removing burrs, stickers and what-nots from her coat.  Given that the weather here in Chico has been rising into the triple digits, we thought it might also be cooler for her.  We asked that she not be cut too short, or g…