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It's Odorific

It was a liberating type of  Bastille Day in Chico.  Nothing specific. Just feeling lighter, freer and back on my game.  Celebrated the day in small, non-verbal moments of appreciation and gratitude.

Tonight, after working out with my Wii (celebrating 12 weeks I might add) Don and I wanted to watch a movie.  I had recently purchased a DVD copy of one of my all-time favorite films: "Harold and Maude." I was surprised to learn that Don had never seen it.  Perhaps that was because it was released on his birthday, December 20, 1971,  only shortly after returning home from Viet Nam.

My roommate, Marti Ramirez introduced me to this film.  Marti raved about this film and it had already begun to develop a cult following (pre-"Rocky Horror" type of mania).  I went to see it at one of the artsy cinema houses in Los Angeles because I was finding it hard to believe it could be that terrific.

After the opening scene, I thought Marti must be nuts and I had just wasted my admissi…