25 August, 2010

Appreciation Day -2010

In the late 80's, I invented my own holiday that I named Appreciation Day.  I chose August because with the exception of my birthday, it is typically a slower month. I chose the 25th because not only do I like that number but it is only four months away from a more conventional holiday on the 25th of December.

Even though I appreciate having a day which brings my attention to the people, places and things that I appreciate in my life --without feeling compelled or obligated to give tangible proof of my appreciation-- and although I have written about this day several times, it doesn't seem to catch on with anyone else.

Maybe I should take the hint.

This year, I found myself leaning ever so slightly towards things I would like to have in my life to appreciate ( like having more time so I could learn to use the new features on Blogger and write more).  I had to make a concerted effort to engage myself in appreciation. Then I made my usual list and then attempted to make my atypical list of things for which I am grateful or appreciative.
Ho hum.
Uh oh.

Maybe I am in the midst of a transformation.  Lately, I have been more restless, listless and bordering on ennui.  In fact,  I have noticed I am not enjoying my usual rhythm of multitasking and juggling several plates in the air.  Is it the heat of summer? Is it just coming off a birthday? (Yes, I know that research studies are proving that multitasking ain't all it's cracked up to be. However, I have been doing it since grade school and it feels deeply ingrained in my wiring).

I know I appreciate the forum that this blog gives me to write.  And I oh so appreciate the stalwart souls who find themselves interested or curious enough to come back to see what I share. And I appreciated  editor, Mary Miller, putting my daily guide in today's entry for the August issue of Agape's Inner Visions.  After all, maybe she remembered it was Appreciation Day.

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