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Soccer Mom

All right, not actually 'soccer' it was a play date; and not actually 'Mom' because my kid is a ten month old Cairn Terrier named Chai.  However, the phrase 'soccer Mom' so intrinsically symbolizes today's Mom who works full-time, has a family and yet still finds time to take her daughter to special events or activities.

Like other responsible moms, I faxed vaccination records and signed all the requisite liability waivers to the school in advance of the first class. In this case the school is Sarah Richardson's Canine Connection here in Chico --a  wonderful training center that offers all manner of doggy obedience classes, training, day care and socialization groups.  Before we left, I cut up pieces of grilled chicken to use as snack treats.  Isn't that similar to what all soccer moms do as well?

Tonight, I took Chai to her first teen group social hour so she could play with other dogs and reinforce good manners and basic training. Chai was ecstati…

Are ya listening?

Recently, there was a commercial ad campaign for Microsoft and their new operating system. The commercials showed various people extolling the cool new features and virtues (although personally, I doubt that is possible) of the Microsoft PCs.  Of course, we as viewers know that these great ideas were all hatched by the R & D departments at Microsoft.  And we also know that there isn't one of us who hasn't come up with the 'next greatest thing or idea since Swiss cheese' about some product(s) we consistently use.

When I was working for Apple years ago as a Solutions Rep, my wasband and I would actively campaign for more stores that offered Apple software or products.  Years later, the Apple Stores with the Genius Bar and Creatives were launched.  David and I felt that we had in some small way helped to make that possible.  Either by our consistent nudges and our heartfelt desire and prayers to make the Apple market more available and user friendly to the rest of the…