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Life Support

While walking in the midst of the angst and 'shtuff' of life, feeling pretty pouty and filling out an invitation to my own pity party, Spirit decided to give me a much-needed kick in the seat of the pants.

It was a bustling morning at work with phones ringing, people stopping by and the over-flowing mail inbox.  I was juggling things pretty well, I thought.  I was finishing up a call on the cell phone as my 11:00 a.m. appointment arrived and I ushered her in.  As I was winding up the call, Eileen and Joni walked into my office with a focused energy that I could sense was different. Eileen was waving a little piece of paper to me and motioning with serious intention.  I quickly excused myself from the call and asked what was going on.

Eileen said that a social worker from Enloe Hospital just called desperately trying to find a minister to offer spiritual support to someone who was about to go off life support. Okay....

I took the note and dialed the number.  Liam told me that h…