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The Last Straw

...or should I say, pine needle?
Until I saw a scrawny pine tree strapped to the top of a car yesterday, I thought I had reached my tolerance level limit this week with all the advance Christmas hoopla.  That was the straw for me.
I have had enough of Christmas being promulgated and pranced before me and before its time.
My week began in distress when I turned on my favorite local Oldies radio station and I heard the faint melody of a Christmas song.  I quickly turned it off and began to assuage my panic with the idea that maybe it was just one of those premature commercial jingles for the holiday.  I offered myself comforting words " Don't worry, Duchess. The station wouldn't start their all-Christmas, all the time music until Thanksgiving.  And if they did (gulp) you can listen to the other favorite local station The Mix."  My fears were well-founded because Don called me later in the day to tell me that the Oldies station had gone to all Christmas and so had The Mix.…