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Animals R Us

The animal kingdom has long served me as my greatest spiritual teachers.  The past few weeks are no exception.

Already feeling a bit anxious and vulnerable about an important brainstorming meeting with church members and the Board of Trustees,  I was driving to the meeting, trying to stifle a sudden onset of tears that welled up.  I turned up the car radio and began singing out loud to distract my thoughts.

Then off to my left, I saw a large deer that had obviously been hit by a car and was now left dead on the side of the road. I needed no further incentive to let the floodgates pour as I saw this beautiful, lifeless creature.  I was angry and sad all at the same time. Then my ego caught me because I felt that I didn't have time to stop and pray over the animal (whose spirit had clearly already departed) because I was the only one with the keys to open the building for our meeting, I didn't want to be late and leave people standing outside in the cold. That made me angrier an…