In true Norm Crosby fashion, an unexpected Malaprop, stuperstitious popped out of my mouth as I was sharing with a friend about the 'stupid Southern superstitions' to which I still give credence. I realized that maybe stuperstition was a better word after all.

One stuperstition, eating black-eyed peas on New Year's Day always amused me.  For awhile, I resented it and rebelled. After all, I am a New Age Religious Scientist and no one or no thing is going to predicate my prosperity. And then, this year, I realized that my mother's hackneyed tradition actually has new thought legs. She told me that eating black eyed peas on New Year's Day meant that we would always have food on the table and never hunger.  It was true. Although, we were by no means prosperous, we never starved or were homeless.  Maybe there was some merit to this idea after all.  The peas merely represented an outward symbol and affirmation of our bounty.

What other Stuperstitions did I grow up with?
--If your right hand itches you will meet a stranger; the left hand, money, honey
--When walking with someone and you each pass opposite sides of a post or pole, you have to declare
"Bread and Butter" so that you won't have an argument later on.  As I got older, I turned that into a sing-song, "Bread and butter. Let's not fight cuz' we love each other."
--What you do on New Year's Day, you do throughout the year (Again, this is new thought based creating a mental equivalent of that which one desires).
--If your apron gets wet while doing the dishes you're going to marry an alcoholic.  (Explains why I am rarely in the kitchen or wear an apron).
--"White Rabbits"  has to be said 3x on the first day of a new month.  This was not one I grew up with but learned from my Wasband's traditions.
-- Something about if you spill salt on the table, you have to toss it over your shoulder to prevent something negative from happening. ( I never really paid attention to this one because I never liked or used added salt).
--Find a lucky penny on the ground and it means good luck.  Some people won't pick up a penny if it is face down but I think that is nonsense.  A penny is always good fortune and it reminds me of a dear friend who passed away years ago. Linda Van used to think that when she found a penny on the ground it was her deceased mother sending her a message. Now, I think it is Linda saying hello to me.

I am sure I have more stuperstitions lurking in my past conditioning.  Including ones that I made up just for my own amusement:
--When a squirrel crosses in front of you on the road while you are driving, it is going to be a good day.

Maybe it would do everyone some good if we created our own, personal new stupterstitions that make us smile and remind us to be mindful?

Any suggestions for this New, Happy Year?


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