21 May, 2011

My Left Foot

...no, not the 1989 Irish film with Daniel Day Lewis.
My left foot-the one that matches my right foot.
But that is the dilemma of which I am writing. My left foot doesn't match my right foot.

The other night, I was stretching and I had my legs upright in the air and I looked at my feet.  I suddenly realized that I would not recognize my own left foot if someone were to show me a series of feet photos (which is fun to say out loud) and ask me which one belonged to me.  I stared at my right foot and by golly, yes, that is my right foot, I would know it anywhere.  But wassup with that leftie over there?

When did my feet change? What else has changed beyond my instant recognition?
Of course, I could ask that question about many other body parts but that would be too personal and a bit disappointing of late.

Had I become so mature that I would no longer be able to identify or claim 'myself' in a line-up? It's been stated that people look different from each side of their face--just ask most actors as they prepare to have their headshot photos taken--they prefer to be photographed facing in one direction. "Shoot me from my best side."

I remember an article when I was younger that attempted to point out that most people--especially women--have no real concept of what their body type looks like.  Usually women think that they weigh more and most men think they are in better shape than they are.  I have always thought of myself as taller than I actually am until someone reminds me otherwise as they loom large over me; or I try to get something off a shelf and require the assistance of a step-stool or a tall husband. (Today,  I happened to refer to my being of shorter stature and someone corrected me.  "No, you're fun-sized." I think I now prefer being compared to candy!)

Yes my body has changed from when I was a very young girl paying rapt attention to all parts and facets of my body out my curiosity and wonder. 
Now I am curious and wonder about all my parts.

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