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Active Duty

It's Monday evening, June 27, 2011 and the winds (of change) are blowing heartily. 
Why is it so significant to detail this information? It's because in a little over 12 hours I will be wrapping up my three week leave of absence and return to work at the Chico New Thought CSL.

As dusk settles, I am keenly aware of the fact that my  R & R now has to shift back to a higher gear. My goal will be to find a healthy balance between work and overworking.  Innately, I knew that I would need at least three weeks to get a handle on this idea of putting into practice resting and restoring.

The first week, it was hard to unwind from the driving buzz from which I seemed to operate.  I vacillated between "Ooh, I wanna do this project (chore)" and " I'm just gonna chill and read a magazine even though it's not even noon."  When I would hear from friends or people from church, there was just the slightest admonishment in their voice or emails about not doing &…