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Body Parts

Maybe 'only children' ponder life differently about their bodies than children who have siblings.
Or maybe it's cultural. But here is what I have been pondering of late:

When circumstance or choice puts someone I care about physically touching me, I am quite content. It is often desirable and usually quite enjoyable.  In this case, I am not talking about purposeful snuggling or hand-holding.  Rather, those moments when sitting next to a friend or loved one and bodies touch.  There is comfort and familiarity.

However,  at least for me, I don't think this applies when positioned next to acquaintances or strangers.

Last night, while attending a concert and sitting in a theatre with very closely attached seats, I was distinctly aware of spatial boundaries.  There is often that awkward moment when one person has his/her arm on the chair arm and you move to do the same and there is not enough room for two.  One person usually moves their arm and lets the other person (the o…