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Grief Stew

As I sit here tonight typing on my MacBook, I cannot help but reflect on the enormous impact Steve Jobs has had on my life. I don't wish to be so self-absorbed here---I realize that he, Wozniak and all of Apple Computers have made a significant difference in the world as we know it---but this is my blog and Mr. Jobs is one of my heroes.  And even though I did not have the privilege of knowing this man personally, his passing is no small thing to me and I am mourning the loss of this creative visionary.

I would not be on any computer if it were not for a Mac. I started on a Mac and have never looked back.  The simplicity and creativity associated with Apple Computers always made sense to me. Frankly, I do not understand the appeal of other PC's.  Macs just match my right-brained inclinations and natural order. Putting myself through ministerial school, I did not just work for Apple because it was a job, it was because I believed in the company. Wasband David and I were known to …