Shake Well

This week,  I purchased a bottle of homeopathic medicine to give to my husband and as I read the instructions on the bottle to "shake well", I paused to think.

Engaging in my lifelong pursuit of fun and free amusement,  I began to allow my body to shake, quiver and jiggle.

When I stopped moving I began to wonder if I had shaken well.

And who would be arbiter of my efforts?

Would the  Secret Shake Patrol come knocking at my door in a few moments to notify me that my gyrations were insufficient and they did not appreciate my mocking behavior?

I began to think about how many bottles containing liquid ingredients advise( or admonish) us "to shake well before serving or using."  And were there other such day-to-day, ordinary instructions that I was ignoring or taking for granted?

Perhaps any sense of low self-esteem I have dealt with in my lifetime could be traced back to my cavalier or inept shaking skills.

I had better become more mindful of Life's  plentiful and ubiquitous little instructions to see what and where else I might be missing an important opportunity for self-fulfillment.

Till then, join me now in a shake, rattle and rolllllllll.


Anonymous said…
I really injoyed that.

William Haley..:)
PZ said…
I thought I was the only one in the world that took those instructions literally. Hilarious!

My other favorite is when opening an "easy open" tear open pouch. The directions cleary say hold here. I have repeated several times with different products with absolutely no different results. I hold and hold and hold...and nothing.

I have tried to change hands thinking maybe I had a left handed bag and not my favorite right handed bag. Nothing.

I have written to several of the companies and am eagerly awating responses as the food in some packages has spoiled and I surely don't want to waste what is left.

Thanks for being a kindred soul that can find the humor in everyday items. And, thanks for the laugh.

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