Home Ec

Do schools still offer Home Economics classes? Would I sound like an old person if I asked that question to someone under the age of 18?

Wellll, back in my day (OK, now I am sounding old) we had to take Home Economics classes. You got the exciting option of choosing between cooking or sewing. Wheeeee. Wait, hold me back-can't I take both classes? (Take them both and toss them somewhere).

Despite the societal inclination that all young women want to learn to sew and cook and that somehow it must be already included in their DNA, it was never the case for me. Never liked to do either. Oh how I would have loved to have a microwave while growing up. That would have been almost cooler than having a Princess telephone.  A device that would boil water faster for me? Or cook my Swanson frozen T.V. tray dinner? Sans the aluminum tray of course.

I chose the sewing class because since I had no inclination to cook, I leaned towards the avocation of sewing because my grandmother was a seamstress and made all my clothes.  In fact, she spoiled me greatly with her wonderful skill. Nanny made clothes for me for Halloween or special occasions and altered anything else in-between.  And when I was little and always the inveterate student, I asked her to teach me how to sew or hem my skirts, she replied "Oh, no sweetie. I'll always do it for you."  Guess she thought she would somehow bypass natural biology or be able to mend from The Beyond.

Even if there are still classes taught about domestic skills, I imagine that what is taught is as different as is today's concept of 'home'; and that a buffet may be more along the lines of Warren Buffett.

Probably more like Home Ick in my case....


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