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1 January, 2012

It's finally here-- the New Year, 2012.
2012 doesn't even rhyme with anything. Which is a good thing so that goofy NewAgers can't make an easy affirmation out of it.
"Hey it's 2005, time to come alive" Or, "2008 is going to be great!" You get my drift.
This year, 2012, will have to stand on its own merits as will I.

As I sit here and listen to firecrackers going off in the neighborhood, I wonder if that happened when 2011 arrived. I don't think so. I think it is because so many of us are truly celebrating and welcoming these new 365.  No wonder the Samoans wanted to skip a whole day just to get to 2012 faster.

Since I didn't get some of my loftier projects done today as I had hoped--neither the closet nor the desk got any cleaning or organizing attention --I felt even more compelled to be awake for midnight.  I did manage to run errands, tend to my flu-felled husband, go shopping, get the dog groomed and do five loads of laundry.

So it is all the …