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Occupy Spirit

(This is from a daily guide I submitted to Agape's Inner Visions Magazine for January 5th)
OCCUPY SPIRIT January, 2012
“Though you may not have any real results at first, simply continue; you will reach your goal. When you begin to become conscious of your interior life and begin to live more or less in touch with the world beautiful that is within you, you will find that you can live in this high, peaceful state the greater part of the time...” Christian Larson, The Ideal Made Real
In New York on September 17, 2011, the Canadian activist group AdBusters launched the now famous “Occupy Wall Street” event that has replicated itself across our nation.
Washington Post, writer Cornel West described this as a "democratic awakening", citizens feeling out of control of their lives take matters into their own hands and occupy different places making a political statement calling for change. This form of civil unrest and civil disobedience is to me, reminiscent of what our New Thought…