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Shake Well

This week,  I purchased a bottle of homeopathic medicine to give to my husband and as I read the instructions on the bottle to "shake well", I paused to think.

Engaging in my lifelong pursuit of fun and free amusement,  I began to allow my body to shake, quiver and jiggle.

When I stopped moving I began to wonder if I had shaken well.

And who would be arbiter of my efforts?

Would the  Secret Shake Patrol come knocking at my door in a few moments to notify me that my gyrations were insufficient and they did not appreciate my mocking behavior?

I began to think about how many bottles containing liquid ingredients advise( or admonish) us "to shake well before serving or using."  And were there other such day-to-day, ordinary instructions that I was ignoring or taking for granted?

Perhaps any sense of low self-esteem I have dealt with in my lifetime could be traced back to my cavalier or inept shaking skills.

I had better become more mindful of Life's  plentiful and …