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A pillow by any other name would still be a pillow, yes?

When it comes to my personal bed pillows, I have something of a "Goldilocks" attitude.  I can spend an hour scrunching and fluffing the pillows at the store until finding one that I think (and hope) will work for me.  Then it is time when the peddle hits the foam and I have to sleep on my new pillow and I am usually disappointed.

Weren't pillows just pillows when we were kids? Now the pillow has to be plumpfy, fiber-filled, memory foamed and ergonomically --but not necessarily economically--correct.   Scooped out just right to fit if you sleep on your side or on your back.  What if I am both a side sleeper and a back sleeper.  What then?

Well, you engage in the dance that I do when it becomes time to buy a new pillow. The ubiquitous memory foam pillows have such a toxic chemical smell that I think I am going to pass out before I can fall asleep.  The pillow cannot be too hard--that props my neck up in an odd wa…