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Back to School - 2012

On my way home from an early morning track walk at the nearby high school, I found myself grumbling that I had forgotten today was the first official day back to school for students.  It wasn't even 7:30 a.m. and the kids were starting to amass on the field and around the campus on their way to class.  That was not as annoying as the knee-deep line of traffic around the school as parents dropped off their young cargo.  I had to wait a full two minutes before I could cross the street to my car.  Then in my wisdom (ha!) I thought that by going slightly out of my way, I would avoid the long line by  going up to the end of the block and using an alternate street. Little did I know that the street ahead was only a three-way intersection. That meant that I had a stop sign allowing for the onslaught of more cars turning left to get to the high school.  I ended up at the intersection for over three minutes before I made a dash for it and turned onto the other street two blocks away hoping…