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What's buggin' you?

This past week, I have been covered in a rash--an extreme reaction to something that didn't agree with me that required medical attention.  Doing my best to spare you the T.M.I. details, it has been no fun to be covered in a crimson, splotchy rash that itches and burns and had me swollen into a red version of the Elephant Man (girl).

Ewww.  Now add to that, a few bug bites -- to which I am also allergic or have strong reaction to--that has really gotten my attention.

I'm forced to ask myself: What's eating me? What's buggin' me?  Because I am clearly manifesting something rash on the outer to match the inner. We are not amused.

On the tail end of this outbreak, as I am starting to heal, I managed to become a target for a few other random insect bites.  Since my body was already in a state of rash vulnerability, I guess I was quite the taste treat.

Late last night while working at my office, I swatted away a few flying insects paying little heed.
Then I…