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December 8th

It is not my custom to title my blogs with merely a date.  Yet it is today's date and for some reason, the date beckons me to parlay it's significance.

I could start this blog entry by saying today is the day I am breaking through my (apparent?) writer's block. However, since I appear to be typing effortlessly right now, I will skip that point.  Simply continuing forward with writing this now seems to alleviate my burning need to understand or justify the dry spell.

This date in history is marked in sad remembrance of the death of John Lennon.  I still have a naive, child-like part that believes there should be some sort of special dispensation for certain people so that they don't have to die.  I think there should be some sort of heavenly administrative process that allows for individuals to cast devotion votes that would allow significant people to stick around and continue to express their unique gifts not just for their generation but for all time.

Our culture see…