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Mental Jukebox

When I was in junior high, after school we would hang out at a Winchell's Donuts Shop. Not because I like doughnuts (I don't) but because friends could sit and hang out there for hours having something to drink while talking and putting nickels in the tabletop jukebox machine to listen to our favorite songs.

Perhaps, this habit had an influence on me today as an adult because there is some unique inner wiring in me that often 'pulls up' a song out of nowhere and starts playing in my head.  It isn't a song I just heard on the radio the day before, or may not have heard for months. I have come to learn that it is more like a cosmic jukebox that turns on to play songs that I need to listen to so that I may pay heed the lyrics and to pay attention to the song as a personal inner message. 

A few nights ago, it was the Cyndi Lauper hit, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun."  It was playing as muzak in the back of my mind and during my dreams.  I sat up that morning and…