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Who Says You Can't Go Home Again?

Last September, I loudly whined, wailed and bemoaned the fact that ABC cancelled my one and only soap opera addiction, "All My Children."  It had been on for forty-plus years and I had been watching since the very first episode.

As of April 29, 2013, at the good graces of modern technology, AMC is now on

Yes, Lazarus has rolled away the stone and returned to Pine Valley along with many of the other original characters (and actors).  Sad to say, that some of the beloved PV denizens are not among them.  (I shan't say who right now.... it is only the second week).

It amuses me to note that Mondays are my days off and I just happened to be surfing the web and following up on the lead about the show's return.  Holy Hulu, Batman, there it was ripe for the watching. And it stirred my nostalgic memory of the fact that I was sick and home from school the day of the first episode and lying on the couch with nothing better to do but watch TV.  I probably…