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Tain't so....

In this week's mail, we received one of those glossy sales promotion cards for a local automotive dealer where we take our Prius for servicing.  It was addressed to my husband, Don and it encouraged him to scratch off the Summer Savings dollar to see how much we could deduct to save on servicing for the car. In addition, there is a lucky number we can take into the dealership to match in order to potentially win an new iPad Mini.  That incentive caught the Apple my eye and I began to give some attention to this material.

It was on the reverse side, in all CAPS that caught my attention:
"DON, HOW TIME FLIES! IT'S BEEN AWHILE SINCE WE LAST SEEN YOU."  The message went on in usual upper and lowercase text suggesting his taking advantage of the special summer specials.

Okay, given that this marketing mailer was probably already in production, I was willing to ignore the fact that Don actually did utilize their service department within in the last thirty days.  In realit…