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Belly Up to the Barre...

To my fellow show tunes fanatics, you will of course, recognize my post title as a favorite song from "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" and pause curiously as to why it was misspelled.

It wasn't.

Tonight, I took my first ballet class... over 30 years.

My desire has been to return to taking the dance classes I never completed as a child.  Over the years, I have taken a few tap classes and I really enjoyed Clog Dancing when I lived in San Diego. When I moved to Chico, I even tried a Zumba class in hopes that it would be like exotic Broadway dancing.

It wasn't.

Yet, the terpsichorean nature in my soul would not let me rest.  So I have been teasing myself in preparation for the idea of going back to jazz class.  After playing with some oh-so basic choreographic memories as I loosely staged some dance numbers in our recent church talent show, I knew I had to get myself back to classes and no more excuses.

Today, I finally found some adult classes (other than ballroom) an…