23 September, 2013

Well, Excuuuuuuse me!

In the early 1970's when Steve Martin was doing his stand-up comedy act he had a popular bit when at the end of a joke or monologue, he would say "Well, excuse me!" in a drawn out, agitated voice.

Lately, I have been feeling like that comic personna that was feeling so annoyed by people or life's events that keep interrupting my plans, my world.

For those of us with any modicum of ADD or ADHD, although we may be skilled at eccentricities and multi-tasking, interruptions can really be even more of a challenge.  We are so focused within our seemingly unfocused activities that when certain or multiple interruptions take place it literally short circuits us.

Recently, my MacBook was in the 'shop' awaiting a new battery. I used that as an opportunity to clear off my desk, get a few other tasks done, etc.  When it returned and I had 2,222 emails awaiting me to manage, I began to get a bit behind in my To Do list and plans.

In my line of work, it is an open workspace where congregants like to drop by and say hello; or come by in need of prayer and support.  In fact, that is one of the perks of a spiritual community for both the members and the minister. Sometimes, people would brighten my day by their visit; and I learned that I could often do the same for them.

Until the minister finds herself scrambling to keep up with day-to-day work stuff, appointments, meetings, classes (did I mention meetings?) and the usual minutiae during a work day.  Suddenly, it seemed as if everyone who stopped by unexpectedly or planned, became an interruption. Not a pleasant feeling when I noticed that I was feeling impatient and borderline cranky about it.

Then as Spirit would have it, there was an email from Inspiration Peak with the following quote from the ubiquitous, Author Unknown:

"When you are exasperated by interruptions, try to remember that their very frequency may indicate the valuableness of your life. Only the people who are full of help and strength are burdened by other people's needs. The interruptions which we chafe at are the credentials of our indispensability. The greatest condemnation that anybody could incur--and it is a danger to guard against - is to be so independent, so unhelpful, that nobody ever interrupts us and we are left comfortably alone."

I see...

How interesting that buried within the morass of the overload I was able to uncover this key to help me unlock my personal gridlock.  Things don't seem so bad after all.

You're excused.

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