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Two Zero One Four

Oh, how we love a new year.

New hopes, new intentions, new calendars...

As a kid, I grew up with a lot of new year's traditions--many of which I still sustain.  Others, I have consciously released.

For example, much of my family came from poor Southern roots ( and if you're Southern, that is pronounced 'ruhtz') and it was mandated that we were to eat black-eyed peas on new years day so that we always had food on the table.  That was okay by me as a kid because my mom or grandmother would prepare fresh black-eyed peas to go with the mashed potatoes and corn bread.  Since I wanted to uphold my family legacy and to ensure my bounty, I continued this tradition well into adulthood.

After becoming a practicing Religious Scientist, I began to question the validity of this practice. After all, I now knew that God was/is my Source and Supply, I thought it almost blasphemous to engage in this practice.  Yet, while my mother was alive I chose to affirm my truth and have a few bi…