01 January, 2014

Two Zero One Four

Oh, how we love a new year.

New hopes, new intentions, new calendars...

As a kid, I grew up with a lot of new year's traditions--many of which I still sustain.  Others, I have consciously released.

For example, much of my family came from poor Southern roots ( and if you're Southern, that is pronounced 'ruhtz') and it was mandated that we were to eat black-eyed peas on new years day so that we always had food on the table.  That was okay by me as a kid because my mom or grandmother would prepare fresh black-eyed peas to go with the mashed potatoes and corn bread.  Since I wanted to uphold my family legacy and to ensure my bounty, I continued this tradition well into adulthood.

After becoming a practicing Religious Scientist, I began to question the validity of this practice. After all, I now knew that God was/is my Source and Supply, I thought it almost blasphemous to engage in this practice.  Yet, while my mother was alive I chose to affirm my truth and have a few bites of peas to (wait for it...) apPEASe her.

But since I do not cook but still wish to acknowledge my heritage, I had a dear friend in San Diego who made for me a little lucite container in which she encased dried black-eyed peas and the word 'Success' engraved on it. For many years, that was my only homage to the tradition.  Every so often, I have purchased frozen or canned black-eyed peas and indulged in a few spoonfuls for good measure.
Until this year.

The can that I bought back in November (as I have noted that I must not be the only one who follows this tradition in that stores are always sold out by late December) I opened this can for my lunch today. These were the worst peas I had ever tasted.  So I dutifully and respectfully lifted a spoon in memory of my mother and grandmother and promptly trashed the rest.  Thank goodness for the perpetual peas that Susannah Conn thoughtfully gifted me years ago.

Happily, my other traditions really are more in line with positive spiritual intentions:
-- Opened my new words calendar. Today: ab initio (meaning from the beginning)
-- I did an additional online meditation today
-- Created my own new word to describe my newest, personal tradition: medinaptation (meaning that after the long meditation, I got sleepy and decided that if I did the meditation again, I could give myself permission to fall asleep)
-- Went to Starbucks for a soy chai latte (after my lengthy medinaptation)
-- Installed the new OS X Mavericks on the iMac and starting to clear up and organize my desktop
-- Began to clean out my dresser drawers
-- Watched "West Side Story" so that I could sing and dance along while consciously setting the intention of being more creative; and dancing more often
-- Went with Don and Chai around the neighborhood for an evening walk
-- Sending some text blessings to friends and posting on Facebook
-- Writing my blog!

Ta da!  I feel like I have done a wonderful job of creating a positive mosaic of intentions, desires and potential for this exciting new year.

Not sending out holiday cards this season, I particularly want to send out affirmative blessings that 2014 is truly the year we've all been waiting and working for--a year of health, wealth, creativity, passion, purpose, empowerment, peace of mind, love and joy.

I am attaching a graphic that someone else had posted on Facebook today that I find so entrancing and affirming.  Up till now, I had never heard of the author who wrote this blessing but he writes like I think and feel so I am extending it to you here, as well:

 Thank you, Neil Gaiman.  Right back 'atcha.

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