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The Soothing Sounds of Saturdays

Sliding back into the rhythm of writing, I am ignoring the fact that it has been months since my last post. Yes, I allowed the bulk of life's activities to occupy every square inch of my time, but for over a month, I was also unable to access this site again until last week.

Tonight, I am sneaking in a post with my iPad perched on a pillow while the Los Angeles Dodgers are soundly defeating the Arizona Diamondbacks.

It is Saturday night and I'm supposed to be sitting at my desk working and writing my talk for Sunday service tomorrow.  But when I came home from a very long and laborious (moving furniture, organizing and spring cleaning) day at work, I was pretty tuckered out and grateful to surrender to the couch and the television.

Imagine my glee to learn that MLBN was broadcasting the game so I could curl up and --oh joy, oh rapture-- listen to the dulcet tones of master broadcaster, Vin Scully.

Growing up in Los Angeles, Scully's was a voice that created indelible aud…