12 April, 2014

The Soothing Sounds of Saturdays

Sliding back into the rhythm of writing, I am ignoring the fact that it has been months since my last post. Yes, I allowed the bulk of life's activities to occupy every square inch of my time, but for over a month, I was also unable to access this site again until last week.

Tonight, I am sneaking in a post with my iPad perched on a pillow while the Los Angeles Dodgers are soundly defeating the Arizona Diamondbacks.

It is Saturday night and I'm supposed to be sitting at my desk working and writing my talk for Sunday service tomorrow.  But when I came home from a very long and laborious (moving furniture, organizing and spring cleaning) day at work, I was pretty tuckered out and grateful to surrender to the couch and the television.

Imagine my glee to learn that MLBN was broadcasting the game so I could curl up and --oh joy, oh rapture-- listen to the dulcet tones of master broadcaster, Vin Scully.

Growing up in Los Angeles, Scully's was a voice that created indelible audio grooves etched upon my brain that to this day, bring me comfort and joy.  One of my most favorite things to do is to "rest my eyes" while listening to him call a baseball game.  Sometimes viewing the game interferes with the simple pleasure of listening to a game as I often did on my 9-volt transistor radio. By the way, Mr. Scully calls the whole game ---by himself --- unlike most games where there are two announcers who share the workload.

Another Saturday voice that escorts me into a sweet-space is Garrison Keillor on "Prairie Home Companion."  Very few things in life allow for me to operate at a lower-key, slower pace approach but when I listen to him, it's as if the world kicks off its shoes and hops in the backyard hammock for a gentle swing on a summer night.

And the list would not be complete without acknowledging my respect for another Saturday voice: Don Pardo.  My connection with Mr. Pardo goes back to the days when he was the announcer for my one of my favorite T.V. game shows, "Jeopardy!".  That was when Art Flemming was the host and Don Pardo was his announcer.  Even as I kid, I think that I could sense that he had a polished and unique voice that I appreciated long into his current and long-standing gig as the announcer for "Saturday Night Live."

In 1975, I began watching "SNL" from the beginning and was a fan because of all the talent and humor, but I particularly enjoyed the fact that Don Pardo was not only the announcer but often served as an audio part of the cast.  There were several years in the "SNL" run that I stopped watching or recording the show.  Then awhile ago, my husband and I were atypically up late one Saturday night (I must have not had to do church the next morning) and I was astounded to hear Mr. Pardo -- who is now age 96 and still announcing the show!  (By the way, he only missed announcing one show in March, 2013 when he fell and broke his hip. Actor, Darrell Hammond 'called' the show using his best Pardo impression).

Most of the time, I appreciate the sounds of silence, yet nothing matches the sounds of Saturday.

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