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Can You Spell A.A.R.P.?

Yes, I can.

There is only one more day left to my astrological Leonine birthday month.  Being the proud Leo that I am, I make each day count.

Normally, I do not count up my age numbers because I am too busy bouncing around looking at cards, prettily wrapped prezzies and drinking my free birthday latte from Starbucks.

Yet, this birthday, I did count and decided to count up the advantages of being eligible for AARP.  I am now an official member for the next three years (Does that mean that after those three years, I might be sent back a grade or two and suddenly be too young?).

For my birthday this year, a very dear friend, we lovingly still call Squeaky, convinced her husband to literally go fishing and she invited Kelly, Teri, Denise and me--all of us who have been friends since sixth grade --up to her home in Eugene, Oregon for a slumber party!   All that was missing were rollers in our hair and those funny little baby-doll nighties that stuck out like an inflated tutu.…