Staycation Day One - July 20, 2015

If someone hadn't coined the term, 'staycation', I think I woulda coulda.

You know you need a vacation or staycation when you find yourself leaving little reminder notes to do fun things and not just the postponed projects or tasks that haunt one's calendar or day planner.

For a myriad of reasons, I have had very few actual vacations. You know, the kind where you actually leave your house and ideally travel to a different location.  Various amounts of R & R often apply.

When I was growing up, it was just mom and me. I knew other families took vacations. She was always working two jobs trying make ends meet  and we never had the time or money to travel. Ok, that and she didn't like to fly or drive on the freeways.  Yet, there was that one trip to San Francisco... but that's another story for another time.

All those years as a professional actor, if there was an opportunity, desire or funding to travel it was often trumped by the ace card of a thespian's career--an actual acting gig--then everything else paled in comparison.

Then in my next career working full time as a minister and CSO of a church, other than professional conferences, I found that I didn't always have the time to travel; or worse, I was often in such "work-do-work- and then do some more' mode that any travel plans got lost in the shuffle.

Today I find myself seeing clouds from both sides now.  I am still working full-time as a minister and I was just cast in a local production of "Steel Magnolias."

Don and I had planned a summer vacation when both of us had a lighter work load this July.  Then the opportunity to do this play came up and I talked to Don about how he'd feel about our postponing the travel plans.  Being a newly anointed thespian himself, he understood my desire to be able to do the show in lieu of travel.  I shared with him a personal secret: as a Leo, one of my most favorite birthday gifts to myself was when I would be working as an actress on my birthday; and that will happen this year.  He agreed and at home I am.

This morning, I allowed myself time to have a leisurely breakfast with my cup of coffee and my Monday morning muse, Words With Friends.  I was quite tickled to note that one of the new games for today showed my opponent's first, "salon" which I thought particularly appropriate on the first night of rehearsal as the play takes place in Truvy's salon (unlike the movie which used many locations).

For my first day, I am ignoring the laundry, the cleaning and organizing options.  I am choosing to focus on reading, writing and reviewing my script.  I am using willpower to ensure that I do not look at work emails.  I am taking bets inside my head how long I can last or who or what will be first to break the staycation mode.

Till then, I am all the household electronics (television, iMac, A/C, iPad, etc.) that allows me to chill out and get ready for a lesson in leisure--  that and an episode of "Mad Men" (Season four) thrown in the mix. Thank you, Netflix.



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