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Dream a little dream . . .

My dreams can often be most amusing.

For many years, I have celebrities making "cameo" appearances in my dream.  And they not the celebs from the movie I may have just watched.  Susan Lucci used to be a frequent guest but I attributed that to my years of viewing "All My Children" since childhood.

For example, last night the two 'guests' that shared my sleepy meanderings were Sean Astin and Robert Vaughn.  See what I mean?  From my quick morning assessment, there was no rhyme or reason for their appearance.

Often, the dreams are of people of which I am not very fond.  I would awake very annoyed that John Travolta was included without my invitation.

One of my congregants this week told me that I appear in her dreams quite often.
How do I feel about that?
I guess that makes sense, so I shall avoid jumping to any knee-jerk, Freudian interpretation of that.

But it got me to you ever wonder who dreams about you?

Once beyond the age of puppy-l…