08 June, 2015

Tony, Tony, Tony....

Last night, as I have ever since I can remember, I glued myself in front of the television to watch the Annual Tony Awards.  I always loved watching this awards show even more than the Oscars. Current movies show all over the world but the Tony Awards was what allowed me to catch glimpses of the current productions and stars lighting up Broadway that I was unable to see in person.  Broadway plays and musicals are well, on Broadway. In New York. Which was too far away for me to attend.

It was so wonderful to hear that Broadway had had it's best year ever. And witnessing not only various scenes from the line-up, but the energy and enthusiasm of those people who were privileged to be working on the Great White Way, I can understand why.

Other than the revivals of certain shows, I was woefully naive about the other productions or the actors up for the awards.  And I wasn't sure how I would take to the two co-hosts this year, Kristin Chenoweth and Alan Cumming but I actually enjoyed their chemistry, banter and the consistency they maintained keeping the show on an even keel.

For me, this show had some of the most genuine and authentic acceptance speeches in a long while. For example, I was rooting for another actress to win but Ruthie Ann Miles won for "The King and I" and not only did I smile at her reading her notes from her iPhone, I really appreciated what she had to say. This and other speeches inspired fresh optimism and hope about dreams being made real. And if I were my younger self watching the show last night, I absolutely would be convinced that I, too, could and would live my dream of being on a Broadway stage and  also my winning a Tony award for my performance(s).

What's not to love about seeing Chita Rivera still working her magic on the live stage? And Tommy Tune being acknowledged for his body of work and contributions to musical theatre?

And being a 'different' kid on the block when I was growing up without the advantage of the socio-cultural acceptance for my uniqueness, I was of course, drawn to and thrilled by the multiple wins for "Fun Home" (for which I ordered the CD before the telecast was over).

For those who did not get to catch the magic of the 69th Annual Tony Awards, here is a link to a NY Times article that will highlight some of the best parts:


Kudos to one and all.

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