A new, New Mexican

.."sometimes you have to change your scenery to change your perspective..."

This is a line taken from the new Tom Hanks movie that I haven't seen as it hasn't opened yet.

I definitely changed my perspective which changed my scenery and then again, changed my perspective.

I have now been living in Santa Fe, New Mexico for four months.

There are many things to which one must be acclimated when moving to a new city--especially, one that is at 7,000 feet altitude--and one is moving from sea level.

Photos by the other new, New Mexican, Don Converse

But I digress.

There are many things that are different about my new city besides the altitude.

• We live off a major street called Rodeo. That seems appropriate in a Southwestern state. However, I grew up in Los Angeles which includes the infamous Beverly Hills --and in " Beverly Hills 90210", it is pronounced Ro-day-Oh Drive.  Not here.  At least, not by locals.

• And speaking of locals...


•  On the streets here there are signs for HUMPS and since I saw no local camels crossing, as my car galumphed, I quickly ascertained that their 'Humps' are the same as California speed 'Bumps'.

• The left turn arrow is on the right of the green/red light which is very confusing at first, when one is in the left turning lane.  When this first happened to me, I wanted to turn left but the red light was hovering over my lane. The green arrow lit up and I stayed put thinking it must apply somehow to the car to my right.  Evidenced by the honking, I quickly gleaned my error.

• MVD--not DMV and it is no longer DUI it is DWI here

While moving through the lengthy process--proving I am now a resident, vehicle inspection, eye test, etc. I took a trip to the ladies restroom. The New Mexico MVD is very modern and ecologically current as evidenced by the sign on the inside of the bathroom door:

Although quite necessary to change one's drivers license and auto registration, it isn't often an emotional experience for most people.  ("I ain't people!" Lina Lamont)

I have had my California drivers license since I was sixteen. Yes, the license has changed over the years, but not the number--which I still have memorized (proudly).

Now, I will have a new license, new photo and a new number.  And my beloved personalized California plates had to be replaced with lovely turquoise plates.  I had to swap the existing plates before I could order a vanity plate. (By the way, here in New Mexico, you only need one plate in the back. In California, you had to have two to be seen coming or going).

Need your input, please.  I have begun an unofficial poll of my readers and friends: Shall I order a new plate with my same tag line, GOD BIZ? Or, should I go with a new phrase for my new life? Please feel free to write with (positive & loving) suggestions.  I will order the teal and yellow version.

(How to remember my new license--Nice White Female 167?)

Today, we were finally able to register Don's car and he also had to get new a license plate.

( This will make it easy to remember, too --Nice White Male 962)

Acclimation to a new town, new state, new job and new altitude (and attitude) has been a lesson in awareness as well as my marveling at how much we humans are creatures of habits--our own and our cultural ones, too.

Ta da! My new license has arrived and I am now officially, a new, New Mexican-- please, no Walter White jokes or else I will call Saul.


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