TBT- 2003

Thursday, July 21, 2016--

It took me a long time to figure out what TBT meant when I would see it on Facebook. For those who still are unsure, TBT is a divertissement called, Throwback Thursday wherein one posts a photo from the past to offer some reflection or amusement.

I have yet to learn how to scan photos using my new Canon printer (which is gold in color by the way--not that the color matters to anyone else but me).

This week, I am using my short summer break from work, by being productive.  Which means finally getting back to organizing my closets and the half-dozen or so boxes in the office that I never got around to emptying before Don arrived in Santa Fe.  While Don is out of town for work, I can painstakingly and tenderly go through every box, every envelope, every piece of paper and decide if it is something to file, recycle or toss.

Found an old Franklin-Covey organizer from 2003 and decided to peruse each page for gems. Sure enough, TBT took me back to San Diego with tons of notes about work at Pacific Church of Religious Science and personal appointments. My lifelong OCD habit is that I always make very specific notations on my calendars that I think might be significant someday.

Here's what I uncovered:
--David and I had begun handling the paperwork process for filing for our divorce.
--I taught a relationship workshop, "Date with God and Rev. Duchess" for those of us single on that Valentine's Day.
-- The next Sunday, Donald Converse returned to San Diego and showed up at PCRS.
--The same Mr. Converse invited me out to coffee to talk at ---wait for it-- -- yes, Starbucks to discuss his involvement at PCRS.  Of course, over the years of our relationship, Don and I have celebrated this 'meeting' as an anniversary of sorts. It may come as big surprise to Don, that we have been celebrating on the wrong date. Over the years, we thought the coffee chat was on March 4th but instead, it was actually, March 7th. Our second 'meeting' at a different Starbucks was on April 3rd (where I bought our coffee so that it wouldn't be misconstrued by the charming Mr. Converse).
--At the suggestion of Jana Zunich, I somewhat reluctantly agreed to a real date with Don that took place on April 16th at the Marine Room in La Jolla.

-- Started teaching the Practitioner One class with my "cubs" on Sept. 16th and we stayed together for the full two years of training on through their graduation.
--My divorce with David became official November 29th.
--December 8th, PCRS won the lawsuit the La Mesa landlord filed against us about a property we never inhabited. (The case proved to be it's own unpleasant TBT for a few years as the landlord sued us again -- which is what ended up doing us in emotionally and financially even though we once again legally prevailed.)

Well, so much for the romp down 2003 lane.  From today's closet purging, here is one more photo of a very much older TBT from my early days (actually nights) with Mac computers:

Even 13 years later and probably for TBT's to come,  I still notate all my paper calendars, still frequent Starbucks,  and still only use Apple computer devices; 
and oh yeah, still find Mr. Converse ever so charming.


Polly Enyeart said…
Thanks for more insite. Memories come in all shapes, feelings and sounds. Sounds like you won!

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