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Yuppie Pioneer Mountain Woman

Translate that as me, a California girl moved to northern New Mexico--where I have seen for myself the visual that matches the lyric, "purple mountain majesty"; and I have had my garage door freeze shut making me late for work.

Can you spell S N O W? C O L D?  And in particular, I C E? Yikes.
This California girl didn't know you had to shovel the snow away before it hardens and turns to ice to defy the tread of your worn out UGG boots knock-offs.

Don't get me wrong. I am loving it here.  The winter weather seems to make me feel more alive. The stillness of a snowfall is almost indescribable. And the people here in the city are fantastic, fun and very arts-oriented.

It's just that it does take more time and energy to function here. One has to allow more time to get appropriately dressed (think Randy in the movie, "A Christmas Story" as his mother's bundles him up to walk to school) without looking like an alien Michelin man.  One has to leave earlie…