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A new, New Mexican

.."sometimes you have to change your scenery to change your perspective..."

This is a line taken from the new Tom Hanks movie that I haven't seen as it hasn't opened yet.

I definitely changed my perspective which changed my scenery and then again, changed my perspective.

I have now been living in Santa Fe, New Mexico for four months.

There are many things to which one must be acclimated when moving to a new city--especially, one that is at 7,000 feet altitude--and one is moving from sea level.

But I digress.

There are many things that are different about my new city besides the altitude.

• We live off a major street called Rodeo. That seems appropriate in a Southwestern state. However, I grew up in Los Angeles which includes the infamous Beverly Hills --and in " Beverly Hills 90210", it is pronounced Ro-day-Oh Drive.  Not here.  At least, not by locals.

• And speaking of locals...


•  On the streets here there are signs for HUMPS and since I saw no lo…