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TBT- 2003

Thursday, July 21, 2016--

It took me a long time to figure out what TBT meant when I would see it on Facebook. For those who still are unsure, TBT is a divertissement called, Throwback Thursday wherein one posts a photo from the past to offer some reflection or amusement.

I have yet to learn how to scan photos using my new Canon printer (which is gold in color by the way--not that the color matters to anyone else but me).

This week, I am using my short summer break from work, by being productive.  Which means finally getting back to organizing my closets and the half-dozen or so boxes in the office that I never got around to emptying before Don arrived in Santa Fe.  While Don is out of town for work, I can painstakingly and tenderly go through every box, every envelope, every piece of paper and decide if it is something to file, recycle or toss.

Found an old Franklin-Covey organizer from 2003 and decided to peruse each page for gems. Sure enough, TBT took me back to San Diego with tons…