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The Web of Life

...and in this case, I am not referencing the internet.

My sometimes mild aversion to the creepy crawlies does not diminish my fondness and respect for both animals and Spirit.  Which is why I have always done my very best to escort spiders outside where I feel they would be happier.

Now that I live in a new terrain where there are relatively few insects--spiders and ants-- I have had the chance to manage the experience of an ant invasion that lasted for weeks.  (Yes, the former Catholic girl that I am confesses that ultimately, chemicals were used. If you don't leave after a polite request and prayer, you are outta here if you keep ruining my kidz food).

This past week, I have had several arachnid visitors.  The first two which were of different types yet, both in my bedroom, I kind of ignored but noted.  Then on Friday in my office, I see a very large dark spider hurrying across my wall. Whoa.  This creature was thicker than most and had a big red butt. I didn't think it was…

Sweet Sixteen -September 22, 2016

No, I am not suddenly having a a Norma Desmond moment trying to deny my AARP membership.

I am referring to the chronological fact that amazingly, today is the 16th anniversary of my Ordination as a minister of Religious Science.

As much as it humbles me, it makes me giggle.
Me? An ordained minister? Really...?

It's doubly delicious that this anniversary happens on the first day of autumn--my most favorite-est season.  A time when my entire being feels more connected than I have adjectives to use to describe. It was not by accident that I chose this autumnal date for my marriage to Spirit.

My time at the North Hollywood Church of Religious Science is probably my fondest time (so far) in my ministry.  It was a magical time and I was privileged to be working and serving NHCRS and Rev. Dr. Mark Vierra.

Today, was also ThrowBackThursday on Facebook. I awoke eager to share photos from my special event. But alas, this lass was unable to find the photos. Having moved so recently, man…